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Premarital Work


"Marriage is an amazing love adventure between two people who have passionately said YES to each other for life. Unfortunately, most couples spend more time and money planning their wedding than preparing for life-long marriages."

-Mark Karris, Pastor and Marriage & Family Therapist

Well said! Premarital Counseling is a wise time investment. As a minister, counselor, and family life educator, I bring a unique and grounded perspective to Premarital Counseling.


Based on solid research and life experience, I've developed a process that helps couples build an even stronger foundation for marriage. And couples have reported that they really enjoyed the process and found great value in participating. 

Erin and Brandon Wedding Cropped 2.jpg

"Marriage is one of the most difficult and most rewarding

commitments that we make. We make promises to someone long

before we know if we have the ability or willingness to follow through.

We get up in front of witnesses and declare that love conquers all even when, at some point, we may feel entirely conquered by other circumstances instead. It's as if we peer into the future and, instead of seeing nothing much at all, decide that we see ourselves there, older, changed, and loved. That takes such courage, such hope."

-Kate Bowler (2024),

Author, Divinity Professor, and Deeply Real Person

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