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A Wedding to Remember

The celebration of marriage on your wedding day marks one of life's greatest and most joyous defining moments. You deserve nothing less than a wonderfully meaningful and memorable ceremony. Defining Moments Ministries is committed to “Celebrating YOUR Moments,” as you begin a new chapter in your lives together.


I am privileged to spend much of my time working with couples, like you, who are beginning the marriage journey for the first time, or maybe again. From premarital counseling to officiating your wedding ceremony to offering a marriage check up around your first anniversary, I will work with you to create a unique and personalized experience that empowers you, as a couple, to begin with a strong foundation and the necessary tools to create a healthy and successful marriage. Of course, you supply the love.


I've been a licensed and church ordained minister for over 35 years, and have worked as a church pastor, a hospital and hospice chaplain, a children's specialist with hospice, and a counselor with families and individuals. I've done a lot of post graduate work and stay current in the field of marriage and family studies. I've also been an avid student in the school of life and have had my share of bumps and challenges along the way. So all of these experiences come together to help me meet you where you are and create the perfect ceremony for you.


Weddings may be hosted at the location of your choice, wherever that may be. I'm qualified to provide premarital and relationship counseling and enrichment. I also do ceremonies for vow renewals, baby dedications, and other special occasions, as well as services of remembrance, end of life celebrations, and grief support.

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